Linking Awareness Youth Sponsorship Program

The Youth Linking Awareness Program continues to redefine itself in new and surprising ways, and has been extremely fortunate in receiving  generous sponsorship support from donors around the world, not the least of which is Loesje herself, and Linking Awareness Adventures Inc.

The video below illustrates the journey on which one Youth Project participant, Shakti Versteegh (Boo) has embarked. She has consistently applied herself to raising the funds to enable herself to pursue her dream. She has attracted a number of sponsors over the past year, as well as stepping into the role of Co-ordinator and Youth Facilitator for Linking Awareness Adventures Inc. You can get a bit more insight into Boo and her participation by clicking here.


The 2014 projects included the Way Kambas Elephant Sanctuary Project in Sumatra, the Orang Utan Project in Tanjung Puting, Borneo, and the Harris Malang Java Indonesia Conscious Adventure. You can see more details about these projects here.

We had the pleasure of having Brandon Cardinal, from Janvier, Alberta join us for the Malang portion of the 2014 project. The following video is a short run through of Brandon’s Adventure, we had a lot of fun with him, as you can see. Brandon was able to raise enough sponsorship to join us for the Malang Conscious Adventure as well as the Singapore Fundamentals Class in early March of 2014. Congratulations Brandon, and we look forward to seeing you soon at Eagle’s Eye Ranch for the next Linking Awareness Experience May 21 to 23!


The following sponsors have donated generously to making these Conscious Adventures and Experiential Classes available to a wide range of youth and adults. We continue to be amazed at our combined good fortune to be able to come together to effect change in ourselves, each other, and the world around us! Thank you each and every one of us.

Linking Awareness Adventures Inc., Armstrong, BC, Canada
Kamera Werx, Vernon, BC, Canada
Harris Hotel & Conventions, Malang, Indonesia
Ongkowisoyo Onggowarisoto, Pt. Indiratex Spindo, Malang, Indonesia
Jeff Mallmes, Sicamous, BC, Canada
Chiah Hwee Seong, Singapore
Dene Sky Site Services Ltd., Janvier, Alberta, Canada
Jacobs Energy Solutions Inc.
Lynne Perry-Reid
Delores Cardinal, Janvier, Alberta, Canada
Sam Cardinal, Janvier, Alberta, Canada
Steve Wilkening – East Sook, BC, Canada
Claire Shain – Sooke, BC, Canada
Chris Manning & Family – Metchosin, BC, Canada
Carman Murray – Alberta, Canada
Cheryl Clarke – Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
Christina Canas Stinchcomb – Boulder, Colorado
Cindy Coleman – Victoria, BC, Canada
David True – Grass Valley, CA
Dawn Harper – Penticton, BC, Canada
Doris Lesick – Lethbridge, Alberta
Kari Lesick – Kelowna, BC, Canada
Gabrielle Albrecht
Helen Jacobs – Alberta, Canada
Jeannine Caine – Naramata, BC, Canada
Rebecca Bootsman – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Jenn (HOHL) Victoria, BC, Canada
Jenny & Steve Pulse – Kaleden, BC, Canada
Jim Ludtke Clearwater, BC, Canada
Joyce McKinnon – Sooke, BC, Canada
Kathie Straker – Summerland, BC, Canada
Kerry O’Gorman – Sooke, BC, Canada
Linda Wollschlaeger-Fischer – Vancouver, BC, Canada
Trusanne Wolf – Stuttgart, Arkansas
Lilian Wolf – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Pamela & Dale Hanson – Penticton, BC, Canada
Rae Marie Leggot – Penticton, BC, Canada
Sonja Bomans – Kelowna, BC, Canada
Teresa Brown – Quesnel, BC, Canada
Tessa Waisglass & Family – Toronto, Ontario Canada
Val Bancroft – Vancouver, BC, Canada
Aprylisa Snyder – Colorado, USA
Aunt Char ~ Charlotte Burstyn – Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Hilly Fielmich – Aruba
Micky McGuire – Edmonton, AB
Celeste Farmer – Edmonton, AB
Sue Sherman – Alberta, Canada
Susanne Downing – Radium, BC, Canada
Martin & Maddy Johanns – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Dragon’s Den ~ Penticton, BC, Canada
Andrena – Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
Marijke Gussenhoven – Middelburg,The Netherlands
Amanda Bourgeois – Chilliwack, BC, Canada
Nancy Vertel – Vancouver, BC, Canada
Brenda Carr – Sooke, BC, Canada
Jim & Mary – Sooke, BC, Canada
Katherine Sellery – HongKong
Edith Wei – Hong Kong
Yee Lin Lee – Singapore
Irene Khor – Singapore
Yuko Araki – Japan
Louie Michelle Puig- Singapore
Humphrey Versteegh – Penticton, BC, Canada
Paul Heffernan – Arcata, CA
Ashley Pfohler – Sarasota, Florida
Raymond Pilon – Victoria, BC, Canada
British Columbia’s Ministry of Education via Home Learners Expense Budget
Harris Hotel & Conventions Malang – Malang, Java, Indonesia
Harris Resort Waterfront Batam – Batam, Indonesia
Monique Fay – Santa Barbra, CA
Dale Fox – Cape Town, South Africa
Wilma Grobbelaar – Cape Town, South Africa
John Veltheim – Sarasota, Florida
Loesje Jacob – Armstrong, BC, Canada
Claudia Schembri-Heitmann – Wiggensbach, Germany
Yantara Jiro – Singapore
Michael McKibban – Colorado, USA