Optimyz Magazine, April 2012

Learning with Horses

Loesje Jacob helps people to tune into nature, animals, other people and themselves. Join her on a horseback journey of healing and self-discovery in September in the Canadian Rockies.

By Staff

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Loesje Jacob loves animals and people. As an advanced instructor of BodyTalk and BodyTalk for Animals, a consciousness-based, non-diagnostic therapy that works with the body in its healing process, she travels the world teaching people how to communicate with themselves, with others and with animals. “They call me the one who listens to the animals,” she says.

Vets send her animals they are having trouble diagnosing and treating. She also works with children and young people who are struggling, including those considered hyperactive or autistic. Lately she has been drawn to work with orphans. She loves to be outdoors in nature. She has taken groups of young people from around the world to share healing techniques with orphanage children in Indonesia, as well as remote communities throughout Canada.

Born in Holland, she moved to Canada as a girl. She spent a lot of time in nature playing and watching horses at the stables. Now she is based in the Okanagan Valley, BC.

Her career started when she began as a dog groomer 30 years ago in Montreal. “When I started grooming the practice was not as compassionate,” she says. “I tried to groom a dog that was scared and started to develop ways to deal with that.”

Jacob worked with a vet in Montreal who was practicing integrative medicine and was deeply inspired after reading a book by Karen Pryor, Don’t Shoot the Dog. Pryor was a dolphin trainer who used positive reinforcement and taught that there was a better way. Jacob built a business based on dealing with on aggressive and fearful animals.


“Now I remind people about our connections to animals and nature,” she says. “Animals have a heart field that has the ability to change our state of being. We invited animals into our household, but they were not designed to be there. How compassionate is that–the animals’ compassion I mean?”

She is developing her own program called Linking Awareness: Intercellular Communication, A healing Journey, which teaches people to communicate non-verbally with other living things as well as to experience a self-healing process.

“I was divinely guided to work with animals and doors started to open,” she says. “Thirty years ago the way animals were treated was pretty rough. Something about this was not right. Animals have a lot to say and we should start listening.”

We all have a connection with animals and nature, she says. “My gift is the courage to speak out about this. We can communicate with them. We have just forgotten how. They can teach us.”

Sometimes animals take on the same illnesses as their owners and children. The animals become surrogates. “They show me the illnesses of the people in the families,” she says. “One dachshund had cancer. He was trying to help the grandmother. They have compassion and a lack of attachment to the physical body. Worldwide there is an increase in the level of animals trying to help humanity. ‘Can you just listen!’ they are saying.”

Jacob says she has learned a lot from her two children.

“My daughter Emily knew things that she had no way of knowing. When my son Mason was about seven he used to sit with sick animals and help them with his presence. They have subtle senses that can communicate with animals and all life. They drove me to try to understand them. Children are like sponges and are drawn to integrative energy medicine.”


Animals are non-verbal teachers, she says. We hold this potential too.

“I’ve visited shamans in the jungles of Malaysia, the outback of Australia, the veldt of Africa and throughout Canada” she says. “Their message is to bring the jungle to your home and create green spaces on your property; bring back the forest. Remembering to communicate with all life, aboriginal people are blessed. I have been leading retreats in natural settings and not just in hotels and motels, pairing up with Gaia, the greatest teacher.”

There is a universal energy that you can call the creator, she says. “One way we can connect consciously with this original force is to be in nature and with the animal kingdom. Animals are our co-healers. They are a link to different states of awareness. We can connect with a horse or an elephant that communicate on different frequencies.”

She tells the story of a vet who asked her to help with an orange cat that would not eat. The owners had planned a trip to Europe. The vet did surgery and could not find a problem with the cat. The couple cancelled their trip. “The cat seemed to tell me that it was not really sick, but was afraid the couple would be in a bad car accident if they went. The couple told me that they had been worried about renting a car in Europe and said thank you to the cat.”

Horses are herd animals that communicate by body language, as well as a non-verbal frequencies. Loesje calls them “land dolphins.” To listen to animals you need to use your subtle senses, a form of inner knowing. Linking Awareness develops awareness of our subtle senses that animals understand. You can take this ability to a business meeting.

“We need to balance our brains, where the right and left are no longer in conflict,” she says. “There is a shift in consciousness unfolding worldwide. When people have self-doubt they sabotage their own innate abilities. Horses and all animals are co-facilitators and healers. They teacher us to remember how to use the subtle senses, as well as to experience and remember our home within the heart.”

Linking Awareness is about developing the heart brain, or the fifth brain, which activates self-healing and healing of others, she says. “I am blessed because I have travelled the world and seen this phenomena in many cultures. I am honoured to be part of ushering in the shift of awareness globally.”

Join Loesje on an Adventure in Linking Awareness.