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Animal whisperers
Date: March 3, 2012 | Posted in Lifestyle | Lowveld Living

Source: Lowveld Living Issue 32

The recent visit of a world healing expert brought together lowvelders who communicate with animals in various ways. Sue Adams joined them

Animal whisperersDesperate lowvelders who have lost a pet often call on Carol Pearce, who will communicate with the missing animal and try to locate it using only photographs or a description.

Carol recently rediscovered the art of telepathic communication with animals, and she uses her skills and a number of different therapies to heal them.

“I never realised I was communicating with my pets and horses when I was a child growing up on a smallholding,” she says.

She can quickly pick up an animal’s characters and feelings. She asks them telepathically if they have any issues, either emotional or physical, for example, if they are feeling pain or fear. She then suggests or administers a variety of alternative therapies to help correct the animal’s imbalances.

Locals who communicate with animals in a variety of ways and with different goals recently joined a series of workshops hosted by Canadian BodyTalk instructor Loesje Jacob, who uses the body’s energy system to communicate and heal.

“The most powerful healing is done with animals,” Loesje says. “All I do is show people how to receive what animals have been trying to tell us all along.

“If you open yourself up to non-verbal communication, you will find information appearing in your imagination.”

If people had told us 20 years ago that animals such as whales and elephants communicate through vibrations, we might have laughed at them. But science is moving fast and there is evidence that even cells communicate, Loesje says.

She works with lay people, veterinarians, nurses, physiotherapists and animal trainers all over the world. They have realised there is a missing piece in the puzzle, she says, and they need to tap into the innate wisdom of the body.

One of them is Sue Field, a certified BodyTalk practitioner in Nelspruit. She works mostly with people, but has treated a friend’s horses in Australia.

“You can work with people and animals over huge distances. They do not need to be with you,” she says.

She uses the innate wisdom of the person to tell her what to treat and says all the complementary therapies she uses integrate well with BodyTalk.

Lowveld LivingVal Belbin, another lowvelder who does BodyTalk for humans in her spare time, describes how she got rid of an ant problem in her bathroom: “I decided to try to communicate with them. I told them I would have to spray them with Doom and asked them if they would leave.  I could not believe it when the next day they were gone. Now they run along the edge of my doorstep, but do not come inside.”

Val talks about the “iceberg principle”, where the illness and symptoms are just the tip of a problem. BodyTalk works underneath all this to the root of the problem.

There are many lowvelders who are exploring these ideas and firmly believe there is a place for this kind of therapy. Jane Merber is a qualified physiotherapist who specialises in therapeutic horse riding to help children with problems. She also does physiotherapy on animals as diverse as dogs, horses, snakes and even a honey badger.

She uses a range of therapies, particularly cranio-sacral therapy, and believes these complementary therapies work well alongside conventional medicine.

“I try to be intuitive through my hands and look holistically at the whole body, not just the symptoms,” Jane says. “I try not to keep asking questions and just to listen to my intuition.”

The proof of her non-verbal approach is the amazing success she has had in healing animals, babies and children with cerebral palsy.

Some of the vets in Singapore that Loesje works with are so convinced these therapies work that they are looking for ways to include BodyTalk for Animals as a part of their curriculum for veterinary study.

South Africans who had done previous courses with Loesje were so impressed that they travelled from all over the country to see her work with the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hazyview and the horses at Kaapsehoop Horse Trails. And like the lowvelders, each had a story to tell about how animals have communicated or helped to heal in some way.

“Animals have always communicated with us. We have just lost or forgotten the ability to listen and understand,” says Loesje. © Lowveld Living magazine