What Folks are Saying

Evan S


It has now been only two weeks since I took Linking Awareness with you, but my life is so different it would seem to be months. As I walked into my high school on the Monday after class, I noticed things differently. Instead of seeing the trees as simply trees, I could feel their wisdom, and appreciate them for their true beauty. I had a deer come up to me expectably a couple of days ago (she needed healing in her shoulder and had a message for me) and I have had a couple of other similar experiences. I look forward to seeing how the wisdom of Linking Awareness will impact my life throughout high school and college, and throughout the rest of my life, especially with my interest in science. I think this course is an invaluable, life changing experience for everyone, not only healers. Thank you so much for helping me reconnects with the animals and myself, and I look forward to taking another class with you sometime in the future. The work you are doing is helping to positively change the planet, and I can’t think of anything better than that.

Till we meet again,

Evan S., 16 years old

Matthew Couperthwaite

Just had the most awesome vision/awareness of where Linking Awareness is and where it is going in the future!
Your work is just so amazing! There isn’t even words to decribe whats going on with it!

April Mulholland

Hi Loesje!

I just wanted to message you about linking awareness…. It’s been amazing! For me – I’ve used it to greatly enhance my bodytalk sessions (did a session on my mom and told her exactly what she ate one night!) and it has enhanced bodytalk for animals greatly – I find I’m doing a session then get awareness pop ups.
My son (will be 3 in January) has been having these amazing intuitive moments as well – with our dog and his father when he’s away working and most recently a tree – he was drawn to a tree outside that was crying, he said the tree needed a dr because it wasn’t feeling well. I asked him to ask the tree if it needed anything. After a moment Tyler said the tree needed vitamins. Then he said the tree feels better now with bodytalk!!! Thanks so much for creating such an amazing system

Jean Landsiedel

Good Morning Loesje,

I just want to say a huge thank you for your dedication, your sharing, your knowledge, and your wonderful way of teaching BodyTalk for Animals.

I so appreciated being in your class and bringing back to my awareness the importance of animals and how they contribute to our lives..

I thank you for allowing me to be present and observe with Jillian –and it was amazing what came up and what I felt just by being an observer..

Thank you very much for doing a fantastic session on me on Sat. I was amazed at the session.

You have got a great gift that you are sharing with the world of animals..and with humans…thank you for your love of doing it (as you can tell in your class)..

Thank you again,

Jean Landsiedel

Kerry Forbes

Dearest Loesje,

As I sit behind my computer today, painfully aware of your departure I want to ensure that adequate
gratitude was relayed to you for bringing your wisdom, experience, beauty and grace to all of us here in
Atlantic Canada.

Throughout the last two weeks everyone involved approached me almost on a daily basis, to relay their
feelings of honour and admiration for the kind of work that you do, for the depth of insight and understanding
that you provide into the ‘human / animal /spirit’ condition / connection, for the profound changes they were
experiencing within themselves and for your compassionate, loving heart.

You made a thorough and lasting impact on everyone you touched; you launched Namaste like no one else
could have and for me personally, I feel that you are the living personification of all that I wish to be and achieve
in this life. In you I feel as if I’ve met the truest mirror of my greatest potential… personally, spiritually and professionally.

Tears fell all the way home for me last night as I felt that part of myself readying to board a plane,
destined for far-off distant lands. Your introduction into mine and Shane’s world has been nothing short of
life-altering and my only regret is that I didn’t actually request a session…so for now, I shall do the best
with what I have and who I am and perhaps when you get back home and settled, I can arrange to pay
you for your time and input.

So thank you beautiful Loesje, for all that you are and all that you do. Journey safe my friend.. until we
meet again. Namaste.

Kerry Forbes, Canada

Julie E. Milward

Hi Loesje,

I wanted to say thank you for making the Linking Awareness course such a wonderful experience. Working with you and connecting with such a lovely group of people and of course the animals has been healing, humbling and inspiring.

Over the three days I felt a gradual letting go of ‘stuff’, particularly fears around not being good enough to do this sort of work. It was a revelation to me that I was able to clear my mind enough to drop my agendas/ego and have a true heart connection with the animals.

For me, the practical day with the horses has had the most impact and will stay with me for a long time. I have actually booked my first ever riding lesson at a local equestrian centre (I was told which one to go to by Diana’s horse Fi !!)

I love listening to the CDs, although I almost don’t need to as I can often hear the music and your voice within me anyway! Last night, my beagle dog Jasper who passed over almost 10 years ago, came into the heart cave >he is happy, finally calmed down and surprised me with some stern advise and home truths for me!!

With love,

Julie xx

Julie E. Milward CBP, MET, MCThA
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Alexandra Hopkins

Dear Loesje,
I so appreciate the Linking Awareness seminar that you just gave us.
You created such a welcoming and warm atmosphere. In the environment
that you created, I was able to do what I literally have dreamed of
doing, communicating with my cat. As I told the class, over 20 years
ago, I dreamed that my beloved Samantha talked to me. I was so
disappointed to wake up and realize that it had been only a dream. But
during your seminar, I was able to listen to the story of a dog in at
the local animal shelter. And then, I listened to my own beloved
Lizzy, our grey tabby, tell me that she was happy being the center of
attention and wasn’t sure that she wanted our family to adopt a second
cat. Thank you for giving us a CD so that we can continue to practice
the technique of animal communication that you taught us in the
seminar. You and the other students helped me make my dream come
Alexandra Hopkins
La Crescenta, California

Tessa M Stewart

Dear Loesje,

Thank you so very much for the wonderful journey of the Linking Awareness class. I am still ”tripping”!!
I do yoga, meditation, am a Reiki master but feel that I have seen a new light that burns more brightly than any other. I am deeply humbled by the experience of speaking with the animals , specially Rough, the wise Labrador . I plan to try to meet Rough again as he never finished showing me who he is /was. I feel he has a very deep message .

I hope we can maintain the connection and invite you both to my tiny slice of Johor jungle whenever you have any time to spare.

With love and light and many blessings ,

Cheryl Clark


Thank you from the bottom of my heart–what a tremendous experience to participate in both Linking Awareness and BodyTalk for Animals. You and the animals took me way beyond powerful. Finally I have been able to reconnect with my heart and my True Self again. And in the process I am beginning to understand why I have struggled so much during life. This opens the way for me to forgive myself and others, and to start to really live, with confidence and strength and JOY!!! even. Imagine that.

It will be interesting to learn what my BodyTalk sessions will look like when the dust settles. Now the energy running through me is focused in hand and arm movements that make me think of someone throwing a spell. Interesting, to say the least! Hopefully I can go with the flow and allow the healing abilities to unfold and become integrated naturally.

I am absolutely blown away Loesje, by how much you are giving and teaching people, animals and the planet. You really are a hands-on, heart-living visionary, and I respect and honour you and your /calling tremendously. I know you have worked and studied hard, and that you have overcome many obstacles to get where you are, but you are an amazing leader, teacher and healer. The Linking Awareness manual, CD, and course are all beautiful and deeply moving. Thank you so much for all of it, and leading the way along the path of the heart. The participants don’t know yet what a treat they’re in for!

Thank you so much–I have no other words to express what I truly mean.
Love and light,


Melissa Stuart

This course is not a BodyTalk course but is a wonderful course to add a whole new perspective on animals, everyday life and of course your BodyTalk and BodyTalk for Animals sessions. The Linking Awareness course that I took with founder Loesje Jacob completely changed my out look on my life and added tremendously powerful perspectives and energy to my sessions. I am still wowed by what it has to bring to the table!