An Epic Run!

The Winter 2014 Linking Awareness Adventures were epic in so many ways, and continue to have deep and far reaching effects. 

A truly Epic Run!


The 2014 Malang, Java, Indonesia  Conscious Adventure, although a continuation of previous “Orphanage Projects”, was primarily a “Practitioner Development” experience, with BodyTalk Fundamentals, BodyTalk Access, participation in an 11 day Free BodyTalk Clinic for staff and members of the surrounding community at Harris Resort Malang, as well as orphanage visits. We were extremely fortunate to be very close to the centre of the Valentines Day volcanic eruption at Mount Kelud, but situated in the “eye of the storm”  completely sheltered from the adverse effects at all times! However, this provided us with an opportunity to share BodyTalk, BodyTalk Access, and other modalities practiced by members of the “Team” with villagers impacted by the volcano. Furthermore, we were invited to share sessions at a local clinic, with amazing response from patients and staff.

This was a powerful journey for all involved – participants and recipients alike, and most notably, an extremely effective and deep reaching practitioner development experience. See the “Indonesia Practitioner Development 2015” page for details on the next project, as well as the video of that experience. Click  here to get there