Sponsorship Program

The Linking Awareness Sponsorship Program is changing and growing. In addition to Loesje’s own ongoing sponsorship of individuals, families, groups, and businesses, we have also received generous sponsorship support from donors around the world.

The videos below illustrate the journeys of two Youth Project participants, Shakti Versteegh (Boo) and Brandon Cardinal, respectively. 


2014 Sponsors

The following 2014 sponsors donated generously to making these Conscious Adventures and Experiential Classes available to a wide range of youth and adults. We continue to be amazed at our combined good fortune to be able to come together to effect change in ourselves, each other, and the world around us! Thank you each and every one of us. To see the video of the 2014 Malang, Java, Indonesia project, click here.

Linking Awareness Adventures Inc., Armstrong, BC, Canada
Kamera Werx, Vernon, BC, Canada
Harris Hotel & Conventions, Malang, Indonesia
Ongkowisoyo Onggowarisoto, Pt. Indiratex Spindo, Malang, Indonesia
Jeff Mallmes, Sicamous, BC, Canada
Chiah Hwee Seong, Singapore
Dene Sky Site Services Ltd., Janvier, Alberta, Canada
Jacobs Energy Solutions Inc.
Lynne Perry-Reid
Delores Cardinal, Janvier, Alberta, Canada
Sam Cardinal, Janvier, Alberta, Canada


Sponsorship Opportunities:

In 2014, Linking Awareness Adventures Inc. sponsored 27 people from around the globe to attend the BodyTalk Fundamentals Class and Practitioner Development Project in Malang, Java, as well as Indonesian Vets, Biologists, Elephant Mahouts, National Park staff, the Elephants, and more at Way Kambas National Park, Sumatra.

In 2015, Linking Awareness Adventures Inc., along with your donations, will once again sponsor participants from around the globe.

Sponsors are invited to contribute to this worthy cause to aid in the provision of complimentary practices and skills for these dedicated participants.

Prospective sponsors can contact us through the form below, or can click on the “Donate” button below. Please indicate which project you wish to donate towards on your paypal form.


The Call of the Forest

The video below is a short teaser filmed and produced by Le Film et la Plume, a multiple award winning documentary and feature film crew out of Paris, France. In June of 2013, the Linking Awareness Youth Team went on a jungle river rafting trip in the Temiar Jungle of Malaysia. Jerome-Cecil Auffret, director, and Botti Phillipe, cameraman, accompanied the team and filmed the adventure. Sponsors and/or investors interested in supporting the production of this film are actively being sought. Check out the “River Session” videos, on the menu to the right, for more footage from that trip!


Prospective sponsors can contact us through the form below, or can click on the “Donate” button below.


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