Indonesia Practitioner Development Project

2016 Practitioner Development Project

The Linking Awareness Team was in Malang, Java, Indonesia for the 2016 Practitioner Development Project, February 20 through March 1st. Loesje taught BodyTalk Fundamentals, after which participants visited orphanages and local hospitals to do sessions and share BodyTalk, as well as other modalities in which they had trained. This was a unique opportunity for the local and international participants to practise and hone their skills in a high paced setting.  The BodyTalk matrix in Indonesia is growing, particularly on the “animal” side, with a very strong response from Veterinarians, Veterinary students, the Indonesian National Police Animal Division, and animal handlers and Veterinarians from Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta. International participants are able to immerse themselves in an intensive but supportive setting during the outreach portions of this project. Once again, Doctor Eric opened the doors to his clinic and hospitals for participants to share their skills. 


Past Projects

Practitioner Development 2014

Immersion Training

What an incredible experience the Malang Java, Indonesia Project turned out to be. With everything from first timers to advanced practitioners and instructors aboard, we had quite the journey!

Throw in the Mount Kelud eruption, BodyTalk Fundamentals, Matrix Sessions for Harris Hotel and Conventions and Pt. Indiratex Spindo Textile Factory, In and Outpatient sessions at Sumber Sentosa hospital, Orphanage Sessions and Access teaching, and Volcano Relief work for affected villagers, and what resulted was a major opportunity for not only self development, but practitioner development. We estimate that during the two hospital visits alone, 250 sessions were done, with amazing results and very positive feedback from hospital staff and management.

The video above touches on a few highlights of the trip, but can’t convey the impact of the experience entirely, you’ll just have to participate in the next Project.

In 2015, the Malang, Java, Indonesia  Practitioner Development Project was the first of 3 Conscious Adventures. Participants were welcome to attend all or any part of this series. Ten people chose to accompany us on all three adventures. The videos below contain some of the highlights of the 2015 project. Please set the playback quality to “480” by clicking the small cog wheel on the bottom right hand side of the video playback screen after you have started the video by clicking the “play” icon. You will need to pause the video until it downloads at the higher quality.

Practitioner Development 2015


Sponsorship Opportunities

There are two way primary ways to engage in sponsorship:  1.)  attend any, or all, of these Conscious Adventures – 30% of your class fees will be used to sponsor deserving participants who could not otherwise attend.

2.) donate directly by clicking the “Donate” button below, or contact us through the contact form below.

In 2016 we brought Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey, BodyTalk Access for Animals, and BodyTalk Fundamentals for Animals to Institut Pertanian in Bogor, Java for vet students, local vets, and animal handlers. This project was highly successful, in particular the world debut of the new BodyTalk Fundamentals for Animals that was introduced at Institut Pertanian in Bogor, Indonesia. Our teams was also invited to the Indonesian National Police Animal Division in Jakarta to further support the work already done with the Dog Team members in 2015. The chief veterinarian also attended the BodyTalk Fundamentals course in Malang Java as a follow up and to deepen his understanding of the BodyTalk System.

As you know, the average income in Indonesia is far below what we are accustomed to in North America, making attendance at these courses financially challenging for most locals. Linking Awareness Adventures Inc regularly supported applications for sponsorship in these host countries. We are also actively seeking co- donors and sponsors to help some of these folks attend.  See the Bogor Agricultural University Vet Project page (click here) for details.

Your donations are greatly appreciated, and will enable more people to attend.



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