What is Linking Awareness?


Linking Awareness – Inter Cellular (non-verbal) Communication provides you with an opportunity to listen & ‘talk’ with Sentient Beings. – Often non-verbal Sentient Beings can become frustrated at your lack of understanding their thoughts, emotions, & intentions when they directly communicate them to you, & so they may resort to methods that you do understand, via physical actions…

“Sentient Beings” is a technical term in Buddhist discourse. Broadly speaking, it denotes beings with consciousness or sentience or, in some contexts, life itself. Furthermore, & particularly in Tibetan Buddhism & Japanese Buddhism, all beings are or may be considered sentient beings (including plant life & even inanimate objects or entities considered “spiritual” or “metaphysical” by conventional Western thought).

Intercellular Communication is a term I am using for non-verbal communication between humans, animals, insects, nature & any sentient beings. A person when experiencing Intercellular Communication uses a non-verbal universal language to ask humans, animals, nature, insects, & any sentient beings questions & to share their responses.

  Thoughts, feelings, smells, tastes, sounds, pictures, & pure knowing, rather than words & body language are relayed. Intercellular Communication can offer in-depth insights into what humans, animals, nature, insects, & any sentient beings are thinking & feeling as well as important information regarding their behavior & responses to certain situations.

Often we will also engage in sharing profound insights, as well as music, poetry, inventions (to name a few).

You will also notice that the humans, animals, nature, insects, & any sentient beings seem to act as a direct feedback loop & validate information received ‘from’ Universal Consciousness (quite often via their physical actions).

 – One of the most widely accepted forms of Intercellular Communication at this time is usually the link between mother & baby (how often does a mother “just know” there is something wrong with her baby?) or when you know just before the phone rings who is calling, or when you have a thought that your new puppy has to go pee & when you let the pup out… voila!
In reality we all have this ability (which some people still persist in calling ”A Gift”).
We have all had these experiences (we just don’t recognize them as such)
All animals, nature, insects, & any sentient beings, (which yes, even includes humans),have the inborn ability to communicate non-verbally with & understand each other.
As humans, we learn to rely on verbal communication & our non-verbal skills are pushed aside & become rusty. Like a muscle, unless used regularly, these skills become weak & inefficient.
Humans, given the proper mindset & training, have the ability to communicate non-verbally with all species. Communicating with humans, animals, nature, insects, & any sentient beings is a two way process; there is a sender & a receiver. Now, here is the amazing part! Intercellular Communication can be experienced in person (proximal or short distance), or over distance (remote or long distance)! Intercellular Communication is NOT dependant on proximity in any way. It can occur between humans, animals, nature, insects, & any sentient beings in the same room, at opposite ends of the country, or at the other side of the world just as easily.
Unlike mobile phones or radios etc. there are no “dead zones” where signals cannot get through. Intercellular Communication can go literally anywhere on the planet & beyond. All you need to do is be able to tune in & know exactly with whom/what you are communicating…