Linking Awareness Crystal Pendant

The Linking Awareness Pendant™.

Linking Awareness Adventures Inc. and Masters’ Crystals introduced this unique and powerful pendant in September 2013 as an opportunity to “wear” the entire Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey download in combination with the Masters’ Crystals Coherence program. This beautiful piece combines the power of sacred fractal geometry with these embedded  frequencies, concepts, and sounds. Measuring 32mm from triangle base to tip and 10mm in depth, the pendant hangs easily in its optimal position on your body, directly in your heart field, where amplification qualities bring maximum benefits to you and your Divine Blueprint.

starofdavideye in the clouds2


The Linking Awareness Pendant, made from pure quartz crystal (lab-grown for maximum purity) combined with trace amounts of Cobalt giving it its rich blue colour, is cut in the Vogel Star of David.

Etched into the back facet of the pendant is the                       Eye of the Eagle, the HEART of Linking Awareness,                 the all seeing “Eye of Horus” symbol.



Floating Crystal 3 Hanging Crystal 5

The Vogel Star of David cut is timeless in its beauty and functionality. The sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron serves to bring the wearer’s attention to the fractal nature of our inter-dimensional existence – bringing even more power to your Merkaba personal lightship.

The Linking Awareness Pendant combines the unique Linking Awareness vibratory signature with the Coherence Crystal signature of Masters’ Crystals producing a crystal of unparalleled capability.

Users will enjoy the experience of heart/bio field coherence with a connection to Universal Consciousness –  we are all ONE.





The Linking Awareness Pendant, with carrying pouch, is only available to participants and graduates of Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey.






The photographs below of the Linking Awareness Pendant, as viewed in a polariscope, reveals the fractal planes of energy and light and give us an excellent view into the dimensional energetic properties of pure quartz crystal cut in sacred geometric shapes.











These crystals are part of the initiation-based learning that is the Linking Awareness experience. Click here to see Loesje’s schedule, and here for Facilitator schedules.