The Tiny Gridworker


Please remember to Listen To The Insect Kingdom and their powerful messages as they co-create life on this Sacred Earth.

Watch this short video of a Blue Winged Ant in Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo, Southern Kalimantan, showing Loesje Jacob where to lay a grid for the Sentient Beings in the tunnels of the earth, with the DNA Tuning Forks/Kabbalistic Gematria for 12 layers/loops/strands of DNA (created by Randy Masters of Universal Song with respect to Kryon, as per Lee Carroll in “Book 12”).
The DNA Tuning Forks/Kabbalistic Gematria that Loesje is using in this video are a part of the 4-day Linking Awareness Adventure (pre requisite: Linking Awareness Journey).