River Sessions

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This adventure is prominent among the many our good friend and humble mystic, Louis-Michel Puig, has organized in this area for us over the years. We were in the company of award winning documentary film maker Jerome-Cecil Auffret and his talented camera man Botti Phillipe. As always, the Temiar Orang Asli people welcomed us and worked tirelessly to make us comfortable in their jungle home, include us in their sacred ceremonies, feed us, build and guide the rafts down the river, and share their deep knowledge of their environment – both physical and spiritual. This session took place in that intricately layered setting.

The video below is a short teaser filmed and produced by Jerome and Botti. It concentrates on the involvement of Louis-Michel with the Temiar Orang-Asli, and is currently being used to attract sponsorship or interest from various international documentary channels and production companies, to make a full length documentary or television series highlighting the vanishing lifestyle and habitat of these indigenous tribes.