River Session in Bihai

This is the second of the “River Sessions” from the 2013 Malaysian Adventure. 

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We were joined on this adventure by Jérôme-Cecil Auffret and his long-time camerman, Botti Phillipe. Jérôme has received several major awards, including an Emmy from the prestigious International Emmy Awards. During the course of filming this jungle and river adventure, they observed quite a number of Loesje’s sessions. At the point where this film was shot, Botti asks to have a session himself.

Co-observers in Linking Awareness are: Awiss, embodying the Spirit of the Temiar Orang Asli; Water, Plant and Animal Spirits; and Charlie Bullard, world traveller and consciousness quester.

Mason in Bihai



Mason, Loesje’s son, and Charlie, enlisted the help of their Orang-Asli companions to build a “treatment table” right in the river. So it was that Loesje could observe an Advanced BodyTalk Parama 2 Session for award-winning Cameraman, Botti Phillipe.