Dr. Zsana Kawar and BodyTalk


Dr. Zsana Kawar

by John Veldtheim

My last trip to England was full of wonderful surprises. I received requests for a meeting with Dr. Kawar as she wanted to discuss certain aspects of BodyTalk with me. When I saw her title I must admit I wondered what we had in common, and what to wear, and how to address her. Esther assured me I’d screw it up and I did because I simply said G’day. I knew I could do this because it as soon as I saw her it was obvious that she was very natural and authentic and did not stand on ceremony [thank God].
Zsana is a member of the royal family of Jordan and does quite a lot of ambassador work for her country and meets a lot of very influential people. However, this is not why she wanted to meet me. Zsana explained that she had become fascinated with BodyTalk for quite a while and had done several of the modules. She also loved BodyTalk for Animals and spent some time touring with Loesje on her exploits into indigenous areas of the world. She now wants to study BodyTalk in earnest and utilize her academic background in helping its acceptance into the scientific and healthcare worlds.
Academically, Zsana started out as a geneticist. She then switched to quantum physics, which led to her being a professor of quantum physics at Oxford University in England. Needless to say she is fascinated by all the advanced work I’m doing in utilizing quantum theory to improve healthcare delivery.
Zsana then asked me if there is any way she could spend more time training with me and, in the meantime, if there was any help I needed from the academic or political perspectives. After a long discussion we agreed that she would be one of my scientific advisors and serve on the scientific advisory board. As she had attended Finding Health 2, I asked her to look at the scientific concepts I used in the course and see if she can form a bridge of understanding between the new physics of people like Dr. Lanza and the “old” physics of the conservative branch of physics represented by Oxford University! (Zsana assured me I would be burned at the stake if I taught FH2 at Oxford!)
She has enthusiastically embraced the project and is arranging to interview Dr. Lanza and is meeting with Nassim Haramein later in the year. In fact, she had already received an invitation from Nassim to attend his think tank meeting he holds in Hawaii every December. As I will also be in Hawaii in December, I am hoping to gate crash the meeting.
We have stayed in contact and she continues to amaze me in the many “worlds” she lives in. In her official capacity for Jordan, she attended the Queen’s 60th jubilee celebrations and got to spend time with Paul McCartney and, guess what, she did his cortices before he performed! I’m sure you will hear a lot more about Zsana as I believe she brings a great new energy into the BodyTalk matrix.