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 Stars in the Linking Awareness Constellation


Founder: Loesje Jacob

Loesje (pronounced Loosha) is the founder and co-creator of this experiential workshop, developed with her Lulu at Stonehengedaughter Emily. They named this adventure in consciousness “Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~  A Healing Journey”.  Linking Awareness is a form of Heart based communication with all sentient beings, as well as healing for self and the recipient. What a great way to be consciously aware of a deeper connection with self, family, nature, our animal companions and our inter-galactic family!

Loesje loves to invite students and facilitators to Eagle’s Eye Ranch in Armstrong, B.C. Canada, as well as travel around the globe sharing her passion for our connection with Oneness. Humans and animals from all walks of life enjoy Loesje’s experiential courses in nature settings around the world! 

Loesje loves showing us all, through our own personal experience, that we can remember our own inner potential, as well as our Innate ability to communicate with all that is, at an Intercellular level, becoming consciously aware, that this non-verbal communication from & within the Heart Brain is always taking place!


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Kari Lesick

Kari Hugs3

Kari has worked in mainstream and complementary health and wellness for both people and animals for over twenty years.

She has been fundamental in teaching and offering new perspectives on connectedness and healing at both CAT (Centre for Arts and Technology) Veterinary Hospital Assistant program and local High Schools.

She has been involved in a number of International Outreach projects to support youth and children in Indonesia, as well as indigenous communities in Northern Canada.

What Kari has come to love is being a part of observing and facilitating miracles in the ability of humans to heal through the art of connection.

Her passion is to help you learn to connect more deeply and to maintain connection through life’s transitions – youth to adult, career change, divorce, bereavement, end of life passage.

She loves working with families, couples, individuals and animals -but there is a special place in her heart for youth.






~” I am humbled by the power of the ‘Innate Wisdom’ within us !”~





Martha Birkett

Martha works out of of The Amaryllis Centre For Healing in Cochrane , Alberta.  Martha pic

She is a Qualified Linking Awareness Facilitator as well as a Body Talk Access for Animals Trainer.  She is a Certified Body Talk Practitioner and also works with Sound Healing, Homeopathic First Aid, and Acute Care for humans and animals alike.  

Where Martha’s passion flows, expansion follows. In 2008 she rode four of her horses across Canada to raise awareness and money for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Over the past few years, Martha has expanded her knowledge through her experiences travelling abroad, extensively working with a wide variety of animals.

“When we allow ourselves to practise outside of the box, our world expands and possibilities are infinite. We achieve this by fine-tuning our subtle senses through intercellular communication with animals, non-verbal humans, and all sentient beings.”

Martha and Cuddles









Martha is thrilled to assist people in their inner journeys to higher vibrational levels.  She encourages others to break down their boundaries and experience all that awaits us to discover.




Lucia Meijer

As long as she can remember Lucia has felt a strong connection to animals.  From a young age she was surrounded by dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. unnamed-1

Lucia worked for three years as a volunteer at the Dolphin Research and Rescue Centre in Harderwijk, Netherlands.

She attended courses focused on  Animal Assisted Activity and Therapy.

In 2005, Lucia moved to Singapore to work at the Zoological Gardens as the Conservation and Research Assistant for four years.

In 2008 she fell in love with the BodyTalk System and became a BodyTalk for Animals and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

Since 2011 Lucia is working full-time as a Holistic Practitioner with the veterinary team at the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Centre in Singapore. She is the newest addition to the Linking Awareness “Team”.

Lucia with bird


Lucia has always felt the presence of animals in our lives is powerful and healing.

 Through Linking Awareness – Intercellular Communication and “remembering” our innate ability to communicate with the Animal Kingdom, Lucia has experienced on a deep level how incredibly lucky we are to have animals in our lives helping us in more ways than we can imagine.



Lucia with porpoise

 “As a Linking Awareness Facilitator, I am honoured and humbled to be able to guide people through their own personal journey of deep connection with, and understanding of, not just the Animal Kingdom, but so much more!”


Arjen Faanhof

Arjen is a Linking Awareness Facilitator and a BodyTalk practitioner for animals as well as for humans. She is passionate about giving non-verbal sentient beings, like animals, a “voice”, and about giving human beings the tools to listen telepathically to the “voiceless”.

LA Website Arjen with cat

Although Linking Awareness works wonderfully on its own, Arjen uses both BodyTalk techniques and Linking Awareness tools to create a better understanding of what is going on in the different “universes”. At the same time, she addresses the lack of awareness for the needs of animals, nature and non-verbal human beings, as well as the lack of awareness for the contribution they could be to our lives.

It is fascinating to Arjen to experience how, in a relatively short time, humans develop the non-verbal telepathic skills enabling them to listen to animals communicate what humans could change in their own lives to be in less emotional or physical pain, as well as to discover the animal’s own needs.

As Arjen is living in South Africa, she has ample possibilities to work with animals in the wild as well as with domesticated animals. She finds it incredibly gratifying to see the effect that attending a Linking Awareness course has on students – the wisdom, insight, and trust they gain as they start to function from their heart and intuition.



Sacha Maxwell



Sacha is a Linking Awareness Journey facilitator as well as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner for Animals, and BodyTalk Access for Animals and Humans Trainer. 

Sacha qualified as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in April 2013, as an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in June 2015, and as a PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner in April 2016.  

Sacha studied at Trinity College Dublin, gaining an honours degree in Natural Science (Geology), after which she went on to work in the fields of economic research, gold exploration and engineering. 

With her connection to the environment, Sacha works with both human and animal clients at her clinic. She also offers remote sessions and home visits, if appropriate. 

Based in Ballypatrick on the south eastern side of Slievenamon, her practice is ideally located within easy reach of Clonmel, Waterford and Kilkenny. 

There is a convenient coach service from Dublin Airport that stops within a mile of the clinic, so for clients or course participants transport from Dublin is quite straight forward. 


Boo Versteegh: Youth Co-Facilitator

P1100790 copy

Boo was 14 when she started her journey with BodyTalk and shortly thereafter connected with Linking Awareness. She is drawn to work mostly with animals, especially with horses.

“I’ve always felt a deep connection to the animal and plant kingdom. I believe my ability to explore, share, and hold space for expressing the awareness this brings is partly because of my upbringing as a homeschooler.”


“I am honoured to mentor under the wings of several inspiring people and to travel extensively, working with elders and youth in Canadian First Nations, orphans in parts of Indonesia, and the indigenous Orang Asli in the Jungles of Malaysia.”

Boo continues to observe and listen to animals, via Linking Awareness, in a wide variety of locations, including work with a number of veterinarians and animal professionals, notably Dr. Biruté Galdikas at the Orangutan Care Centre and Quarantine in Central Indonesia Borneo.

Boo is a certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and incorporates and works extensively with Linking Awareness  ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey. She currently lives in the North Okanagan, in Armstrong, BC.